Peas being little green balls of death, but my family like peas, so I give it a go.  An onion, 3 and a half oz each of  frozen peas and frozen sweetcorn, 18 fluid ounces of home-made chicken stock, 2 fluid ounces of Pinot Grigio  (the recipe said use wine for a special occasion, so where the stock fell short of the pint, I thought I’d top it up with wine).  Cooking for ten minutes (once it came to the boil).  A splash of lime juice in the liquidiser and plenty of pepper and a bit of salt.  (recipe said a lemon or lemon juice, but we didn’t have any in).

This soup is a lovely pale green lime sort of colour; doesn’t really come up in the photograph.  I served it with ‘finish the baking at home’ rolls and scrape.  It was surprisingly tasty.  John said it was the best yet.  I think it would have been nicer if I’d sieved it; all the skins from the sweetcorn or peas made it a little rough on the tongue.  But John said it was fine, and he likes peas.