My sister and I are having ago at this Bacon Challenge.


The challenge is that we our going to make our own dry-cure bacon.

My father-in-law once said, that he thought of making his own baking (after having retired as a butcher), but that getting hold of the saltpetre was tricky.   I have acquired a special mixture of salt and sodum nitrite called ‘supracure’.


This makes it easier already.  The sodium nitrite is a modern alternative to saltpetre and is going to make sure I don’t kill people with Botulism.

Also, I have bought a bit of pork loin from the butcher, and checked that my cupboard has sufficient quantity of soft dark brown sugar.  I suspect that the best thing about home-cured bacon would be that you could make up fancy flavourings for the cure, but since this is a first effort, I am going to stick with the basic salt and sugar cure.