Okay, it’s the same day as day minus one, but that is okay, because ‘minus one’ is before starting and ‘day zero’ is the beginning.



Sam decided that he would help; Sam likes cooking.  We weight the pork; a little over 700g, but close enough.  Then I had to calculate 80% of 70g.  John did this in his head while I was tapping the numbers into the calculator.  Sam said this is because John is older than me.  I said it was is because he only got an E in his A level maths, so he didn’t forget how to do mental arithmetic.

After deciding that 705g was as good as 700 g as made no difference, I then decided to weight out exactly 56 g of supracure mixture, and 14 g of sugar.  The scale battery gave up in the middle of the sugar weighing, so I then decided 14 g was half an ounce of sugar, which my cookbook thinks is half a tablespoon close packed.  Cubic close packed?  Probably.

Then we rubbed the meat well all over, with some of the cure, in a plastic pot with a lid on.  Now we wait for the magic to start.