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So the bacon is cured and rested and ready to eat.  John cuts thick slices and fries them for breakfast, with an egg on the side.  The bacon is delicious and satisfying, if a little salty.  I do not know if this is because I have a preference for very low-salt bacon, or if I have not cured the bacon slowly enough (being cured from a nice bit of loin, it feels more like gammon than bacon to John, so maybe the cure did not penetrate evenly?)  However, the bacon is as good as the bacon we normally buy (the expensive dry-cured kind).

I think if I made this again, I would be going for a ‘more unusual flavour of cure’, the kind you wouldn’t get in the shops.  John would be interested in curing beef, but we are not quite sure if beef should be brined instead (wet-cure rather than dry-cure).