I would have liked to try with a different squash, but pumpkins are, of course, pretty much out of season.  We used an imported butternut squash.  Again, I used the whole squash, and it being large, I added four apples.  We had run out of apples, but the little shop had some Braeburns.  I put in more stock than before, as well: a bowl of home-made chicken stock (there had, apparently, been two, but John had thought they should cool properly before going in the fridge and  one of the cats knocked the other one over in the night) and some frozen bought stock, that had been left over from making sausage stew.  This made it lighter, more suitable for the warm weather.  I added only salt and pepper by way of seasoning.

The soup was delicious.  Clearly apples in soup are a good thing.