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So our tumble dryer was on its last legs; we researched new tumble dryers.  Bosch have a very swish machine; it has a self-cleaning condenser (the bit you never remember to clean that is such a faff) and is better than A rated.


My other friend tells me of a promotion, so we pick one up, while they are on special offer.

The difference between our old tumble dryer is fantastic.  It is quiet in operation;  we can live our lives without working around the noise of the tumble dryer.. The drum even has a light that prevents odd socks from hiding in it. And our electricity bill has been reduced.  Hooray!


My other friend says:

“It seems that your other friend is also enjoying the same model… he just never bothers to check the utility bills… but is glad you are doing it on his behalf… and is smug about saving the environment too. He also is enjoying being able to listen to the radio in the bath, without straining to hear over the sound of the previous machine. Now, if only the peacock in the garden wouldn’t make so much noise…”