The recipe said ‘Cornish pasties’, but to be a Cornish pasty it has to be made to the exact recipe, in Cornwall, with local ingredients, and the crimping should go round the edge, not over the top.

This was none of those things. It has minced lamb, carrots and shallots, but no swede, because John doesn’t like swede, and they only seem to be sold fresh and as big as a football. I did make the shortcrust pastry from scratch, but failed at teaching Sam how to roll pastry.

Also, the recipe started with boiling the mince, and I fried, and added a lot less water.  Even, so, I still managed to make four tasty pasties.  Sam liked his. Hannah had thought I was going to make mini-pasties (these are about six inches across), and changed her mind about trying it because it was ‘too big’.