Is it possible to define both correctly in one sentence?

More interestingly, is it possible to write a poem?

I attempted a limerick:

When drinking my coffee one day,
Is it likely at all, do you say?
That the heat from my cup
warms my coffee right up?
Says thermodynamics, No way!

But it is not very good.

Then I tried a Haiku:

My engine works hard but
Never 100%:
Can’t be done.

But it’s not very good.

The extremely talented Colin J Watson (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~cjwatson/; http://cjwatson.livejournal.com/)

wrote this sonnet. It is very good.

On Entropy

Two systems, both unlike in temperature,
Each separate in space, though not by much;
When close, the hotter leaves its signature
By warming up the colder with its touch.

Now heat is work, the poets say, and more,
That work brings order; so dispersing heat
Brings entropy, disorder, to the fore
Increasing, which will sun and stars defeat.

Just as a glass, once broken, does not mend,
And mountains cannot unerode from sands,
The laws of chance say chaos is the end,
Time’s arrow’s fletched by entropy’s own hands.

The colder cannot warm the warmer heart;
Thus irreversible is nature’s art.