For my cookbook challenge, the next page is dedicated to a discussion of sandwiches, and includes a list of different fillings for sandwiches. I am taking this list as a set of ‘challenges’ rather than a list of instructions. The first item is ‘tuna and sweetcorn, with a little mayonnaise’.


I used:
a granary muffin (in Lancashire, that’s a kind of bread roll – different from both the US cake-thing and the ‘English muffin’ – but this one is a risen muffin rather than an oven-bottom muffin), scraped (butter substitute),
half a tin of tuna,
two tablespoons frozen sweetcorn (cooked in the microwave)
1 tablespoon mayonnaise (from a jar)
a little red pepper, finely chopped
freshly ground black pepper,
dried coriander leaf,
lemon juice (from a bottle),
chilli sauce

This made a very tasty creamy-textured filling; definitely worth making again.