Last week, I was looking at the new stuff on Facebook, and one of my friends had posted one of those things you often see. This one requested readers to post one word describing their day, and then share  Normally, I do the word posting, and don’t share, but this time I did share. I explained ‘the challenge is to write one word that describes your day’.

I had a number of responses: wet, cold, bleurgh, tired, vertigo. This made me a little sorry. I had not realised that so many of my other friends were feeling so down. Naturally, I wanted to make them all feel better, and I said so. But I wondered where all the happy people were.

Then I realized. One of the things we use Facebook (and other things) for is to connect. When we feel blue, we turn to Facebook (which often feels safer than talking to real people sat next to you) and our friends cheer us up. We can say, ‘I’m feeling down’, and our friends will say that they wish they could give us a hug. We can share problems, and our friends will try to help us come up with solutions.

So, even though I spend way too much time on Facebook, I’m glad I do. It helps me to stay connected, and it helps me to be supportive to people I wouldn’t maybe otherwise talk to.