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The Advent Wreath

I suppose this should have been Sunday’s post, and Sunday’s post could have waited until today, but I’m often a little bit behind and the wreath wasn’t actually ready until yesterday. This year, we have made a salt dough wreath, a bit like the one I made three years ago:


Except the original link I checked doesn’t seem to be there, so I also used this:


The idea of using chilled water worked, but the cooking time wasn’t quite right. After 90 minutes at 120 degrees C, it still wasn’t right, so I put another half hour at 160 and that seemed to do the trick.

We also used green food colouring to make the dough green, but it wasn’t very green. The children made leaves and berries and painted the whole thing. The place for the pink candle is painted pink, and the other candle places are painted purple.