This is a genuine steamed Christmas pudding, but it is quite light and this makes for a pleasant eat.

There are the usual dried fruit (sultanas, raisins and currants and dried mixed peel), but there are also carrots and apples and brown breadcrumbs, and fresh orange and lemon zest and juice; this with the lack of suet, means that it’s not too rich.

We didn’t have holly or brandy, which is why it’s not adorned with holly and flaming, in the traditional manner, but we had it with custard, which works fine. Hannah thought she wouldn’t like it, but tried some and did like it (apart from the mixed peel, which is something that probably should have been left out). John won’t look at it (having been inoculated as a child).  However, in future, I think I’ll use a smaller recipe that goes in the microwave.