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My husband is a superhero because he is a perfect husband. I have previously defined a perfect husband (cf. Proverbs 31:10-31):

A perfect husband, who can find him?
He is far beyond the price of pearls.

His wife’s heart has confidence in him
all the days of her life.

Advantage and not hurt he brings her
all the days of his life.

He selects screws and wall plugs;
he does his work with eager hands.

He is like those merchant vessels,
bringing his food from far away.

He gets up while it is still dark
earning his household their food
giving orders to the washing machine and the dishwasher.

He sets his mind on a plot, then he digs it;
with what his hands have earned, he plants a garden.

He puts his back into his work
and shows how strong his arms can be.

He knows that his affairs are going well;
his lamp does not go out at night.

He sets his hands to the paintbrush;
his fingers grasp the electric drill.

He holds out his hands to the poor,
he opens his arms to the needy.

Snow may come, he has no fears for his household,
with all his family warmly clothed.

He buys his own quilts,
he is dressed in fine linen and purple.

His wife is respected at the school gates,
taking her seat among the school and church councils.

He works hard at his job;
he supplies his company with chargeable hours.

He is clothed in strength and dignity;
he can laugh at the day to come.

When he opens his mouth, he does so wisely;
on his tongue is kindly instruction.

He keeps good watch on the conduct of his household,
no bread of idleness for him.

His children stand up and proclaim him blessed,
his wife, too, sings, his praises.

Many men have done admirable things,
but you surpass them all!

Charm is deceitful, and handsomeness empty
the man who fears the Lord is the one to praise.

Give him a share in what his hands have worked for
and let his works tell his praises in the local newspaper.